Uniting clergy, law enforcement
and community leaders for safer
and healthier communities.


The Mission of the International Faith Based Coalition is to unite religions with a common cause to implement Drug Prevention Education in their respective congregations with a focus on educating youth.  The vision is one which recognizes that drug abuse makes no distinction as to race, religion or creed and adversely affects peoples of all faiths.

The Values: Recognizing that religions share a common goal of assisting the individual to lead a decent life of helping others and thus affecting a positive influence in their respective communities.  By coming together under a common banner with other faiths, we create an atmosphere of respect and tolerance for peoples of different faiths through mutual effort and thus create and restore trust in each other and our fellow man.

The Purpose: To realize a goal of youth being educated on the Truth About Drugs and deciding for themselves to live a drug free lifestyle.

The Business: Drug Prevention Education in the Religious Community and from there getting it known and used in their respective communities and the world at large.

The Valuable Final Product of the IFBC is: People leading drug free lives and assisting others to lead drug free lives which results in safer communities.