Uniting clergy, law enforcement
and community leaders for safer
and healthier communities.

Board of Directors

Bishop Ron Allen
Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer
Sacramento, CA

Al Wilson
Executive President of the State Board
Sacramento, CA

Alan Rodrigo
Chief Adviser to Bishop Ron Allen
Sacramento, CA

Selina Durant
Administrator Executive
Sacramento, CA

Mike Klagenberg
President, United Religious Advisory Board
Sacramento, CA

Bishop Henry Alexander
Spiritual Consultant
Pomona, CA

Pastor Arthur Jones
Spiritual Consultant
Sacramento, CA

John Redman
National Executive Chief Adviser to Bishop Ron Allen
San Diego, CA

Paulette Nagel
National Executive Chief Communication Office
San Francisco, CA

Lydia Gutierrez
National Executive Director Of Strategic Planning & Research
San Pedro, CA

Lady Gail Allen
National Executive Chief Of Staff
Sacramento, CA

Takensha Allen

National Executive Youth Director.
Dallas, TX

Evelyn Briscoe
National Executive Secretary to Bishop Dr .Ron Allen
Sacramento, CA

Anna Jackson
International Faith Based Relation. (Outside U.S.)
Kings Tom, Jamaica

Elder Jesse Williams
National Executive Vice President
Sacramento, CA

Pastor Cy Forh
National Executive State President, Coordinator of State Presidents
Pittsburg, CA

Bishop Larry Jones
National Executive Assistant to Bishop Dr. Ron Allen & local President
Inland Empire Rialto/ San Bernardino, CA

Edie Reuveni
National Chief Liaison Officer to Ecumenical Community
Los Angeles, CA

Pastor Carl Jackson

National Faith Based Relations (United States)
Miami Beach, FL

John Lovell
National Drug Policy Advisor
Sacramento, CA