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Feds crack down on California dispensaries

Federal authorities are taking action against domestic drug cartels involved in the fraudulent “medical” marijuana industries.  Prosecutors say dispensary owners are making huge profits selling an illegal drug which is not being marketed with the intention of being used under medical supervision.  Billboards direct marijuana users to doctors willing to write prescriptions for recreational use and dispensaries sell... Read More

Medical marijuana: the Justice Department speaks – again

President Obama’s Justice Department has once again reaffirmed that those in the “medical” marijuana business are an enforcement target.  The Justice Department does not recognize marijuana, which is not approved as medication by the FDA and which violates Federal law, as a legitimate medicine.  The Drug Enforcement Administration will not continute to tolerate what has become a... Read More

Marijuana dispensary is bad for business

A Hesperia paintball and air assault equipment shop owner was not surprised when a robbery occurred at a neighboring marijuana dispensary.  The dispensary has become a magnet for loitering drug users and customers who used to frequent neighboring stores are now staying away due to the threat to public safety posed by the dispensary.  The negative... Read More